Flower Care

How to maximize the life of your fresh flower bouquets!

When you get your flowers home, fill a vase with warm water. Add the packet of flower food to the water according to the instructions.

**It is usually good to use warmer water to put your flowers in. The only exception is when you have bulb flowers like tulips and hyacinths - they like cooler water.

Before you put the flowers in the water, make sure to remove any leaves that would be below the water line in your vase. Leaves can start to breakdown in the water and increase the level of bacteria and therefore decreasing the life of your flowers.

Now, give your flowers a fresh cut and arrange them in the water.

In order to prolong the life if your flowers, change the water every couple of days and each time give the flowers a fresh cut (on an angle is best!).

To maximize the life of your arrangements in other types of containers besides vases, make sure to check the water level and add water to it every couple of days.

It is always best to keep your flowers out of direct sunlight or near a air vent. Hot air and/or direct sun will always will reduce the life of your flowers making them die/wilt quicker.