Placing an Order

We deliver to the following areas: North Gower, Kars, Manotick, Richmond, Kemptville, Osgoode, Metcalfe, Greely, Barrhaven, Kanata and Nepean. The price for delivery depends on destination. Please order at least 24 hours before required pick up/delivery date.

Some information that we need for delivery is: the person's name, address and phone number.

Some things to consider are:

·         What are their favourite/least favourite colours?

·         Are there any  particular flowers that they do or do not like, that you know of?

·         Are they more traditional or a bit more contemporary or funky?

·         Should it be cut flowers, an arrangement or a plant?

We will also need to know what you would like written on the card to accompany the flowers.

Finally we will need your contact information and form of payment (credit card, e-transfer).